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Private jet subscription that includes San Diego service allows everyone to travel in luxury

Posted at 9:44 AM, Aug 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-07 12:44:46-04

SALT LAKE CITY — There's a new option for those who are tired of crowded airports and long security lines. It's expensive, but not limited to the mega-rich and celebrities anymore.

"Set Jet," also dubbed the "Uber of the skies," is bringing luxury travel to everyday people.

"Nobody looks forward to traveling today," remarked Tom Smith, CEO and founder of Set Jet. "It's a miserable experience. It's just become a real hassle showing up two hours before. So we're trying to give you that ultimate luxury that everybody sees on TV.”

Traveling in a private jet has long been the pinnacle of flying, but was limited to those with a massive abundance of money. Now, that standard is changing.

“We are disrupting the way people think about air travel,” explained Smith.

Customers book individual seats on one of the five private jets rather than chartering the whole plane.

While it's not a completely private experience, it delivers all of the perks of flying private.

The first two bags and one carry-on item are free and pets under 20 pounds also fly free. No kennels are used and furry friends can sit right next to their owners.

There's a monthly membership fee of $99, which customers can cancel anytime. Flight options take travelers to 10 different locations across the Westincluding San Diego, Salt Lake City, Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Vegas, and even some vacation spots like Cabo, Mexico.

For example, the cost to fly to Scottsdale on Set Jet is $750 one way and it's a set price that won't change. A first-class seat on Delta ranges anywhere from $400 to $2,000 depending on the date and time.

“You can buy an hour before the flight you show up 20 minutes before, there's no dynamic pricing," Smith said. "So whether you're planning four months out or an hour before everybody pays the same.”

In Utah, a whole spectrum of travelers have already taken advantage of the service, from people who just want to splurge on one trip to commuters.

Anita Grantham is a busy executive and a mom who cares for aging parents. She started flying Set Jet during the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn't looked back since.

”Pandemic over I still love the safety, the size of the plane, the flexibility, the time it saves me," she reflected.

Mckenzie Judge owns her own marketing company and travels for business. She said she has a severe case of "PJS" now that she's a regular customer.

"'Private Jet Syndrome'...It's basically when you fly private, and you feel the need that you can't fly any other way," she laughed.

Judge isn't the only person who feels that way. Smith said many customers will not want to go back to commercial flights after having a taste of luxury.

If you're on a budget, flying commercial will nearly always be cheaper. But Set Jet is just one new option to make traveling a little more fun and a little easier.