Shop LIT Live Announces the Launch of Livestream Shopping Solutions for Brands

March 03, 2022
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Lara Miller
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Brands can now fully customize and integrate a livestream experience into their e-commerce platform or website

Shop LIT Live, the livestream shopping platform, is excited to announce the launch of its customized live shopping solutions for brands. Businesses, brands and retailers of all sizes will now have the ability to host livestream shopping experiences with direct integration into their website or via a web player.

Since Shop LIT Live launched in September 2020, it has hosted livestreams for brands such as Blinc Inc, Sunday Citizen, Navy Hair Care, Joanna Vargas, Covey, Blume, Not Pot and more. Through the livestreams, brands have been able to achieve 10-15% sales conversion, compared to 1-2% conversion through traditional e-commerce.  Livestreams have allowed brands to engage organically and authentically with customers, boasting over 50% engagement on average during livestreams. With this product launch, brands can now take advantage of Shop LIT Live’s livestream technology with more customization, ownership and easy integration.

With a turnkey onboarding experience, brands can begin selling through customized livestreams to drive increased engagement and conversion.  Shop LIT Live’s technology allows customers to engage in live chats with the hosts and check out easily without leaving the livestream, and the brand maintains full control over the experience and where it appears on their websites.

“The launch of our livestream shopping platform for brands is the next major evolution in the e-commerce shopping experience, pushing the boundaries of innovation for an interactive online shopping experience,”  said Toby Zhang, CEO of Shop LIT Live. “Through the integration of our technology, brands are able to stay one step ahead of competition and customers are able to get the benefits of a personalized shopping experience.”

Shop LIT Live’s integrated live shopping solution provides customers with a completely new way to shop their favorite brands that is interactive, engaging and much more informative than browsing a standard e-commerce web page. Brands are able to demonstrate products live and directly connect with a wider audience in a more authentic and meaningful fashion. By doing so, Shop LIT Live combines the best of both online and offline shopping experiences.

Livestream shopping is a $2T+ industry in Asia and is poised to be a major driver of e-commerce sales in the US over the coming years. Shop LIT Live’s solutions for brands start at just $79 per month. 


Shop LIT Live is a livestream shopping platform elevating the digital shopping experience with innovative features. Launched by Toby Zhang in 2020, Shop LIT Live incorporates live video content, two-way real-time communication, and the ability for users to purchase products directly through its platform. Each livestream is hosted by a curated group of creators and experts who provide authentic feedback on products within the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces to offer a futuristic way for consumers to discover and shop.